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Indiana Architecture – Have You Ever Heard of Columbus?

Somewhere in the ‘fly-over’ part of the American heartland is an architectural mecca, which most have no idea the town even exists. Annually, thousands of visitors and students of architecture flock there to explore the town and study its architecture. This city of 46,000 is ranked 6th in the nation for architectural innovation and design. It offers over 90 buildings and public art pieces by world renowned architects and artists. Columbus, Indiana is that famous and unheard of community.

Columbus is a city in the county seat of Bartholomew County, Indiana. It is a relatively small city, which has provided a unique place for noted modern architecture and public art, commissioning numerous works since the mid-20th century. Located about 40 miles south of Indianapolis, on the east fork of the White River, it is the state’s 20th largest city. It has been ranked 11th on the historic destinations list, describing the city as authentic, unique, and unspoiled.

Columbus is regularly featured in national and international publications. Even if you are not an architecture buff, learning how this small town strives for excellence is both unique and inspiring. Since the early 1940s, some of the world’s finest architects have made Columbus a virtual museum of modern architecture, with works by some of the most notable names in architecture, such as I.M. Pei, Richard Meier, Robert Venturi, Eliel and Eero Saarinen, Harry Weese, and Deborah Berke.

If you are seeking an experience that immerses you in world-renowned architecture, go visit the city of Columbus. It is one of the best cities for architecture lovers and is considered a mecca for its architectural experience. Visitors to Columbus agree that their experience can be considered unforgettable and truly unexpected!

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The Architectural Masterpiece of Louis Kahn

“Wanted to share the innovation and creativity of Louis Kahn. He was truly an architectural powerhouse and one of my Top 5 favorite architects of all time!”

Gerald Olesker, Founder & CEO

Louis Isadore Kahn was an American architect, based in Philadelphia. After working in various capacities for several firms in Philadelphia, he founded his own atelier in 1935. While continuing his private practice, he served as a design critic and professor of architecture at Yale School of Architecture from 1947 to 1957.

From 1957 until his death, he was a professor of architecture at the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania. Kahn created a style that was monumental and monolithic; his heavy buildings for the most part do not hide their weight, their materials, or the way they are assembled. Louis Kahn’s works are considered as monumental beyond modernism. Famous for his meticulously built works, his provocative proposals that remained unbuilt, and his teaching, Kahn was one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century. He was awarded the AIA Gold Medal and the RIBA Gold Medal. At the time of his death he was considered by some as “America’s foremost living architect.”

He was the designer of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas and is regarded as one of the great master builders of the 20th century. With complex spatial compositions and a choreographic mastery of light, Kahn created buildings of archaic beauty and powerful universal symbolism. In addition to the Kimbell, his most important works include the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, and the National Assembly Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Learn more and enjoy the work of Louis Kahn here.

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Design Trends That Inspire in 2016

Inspired Design Translated Into Reality

Inspiration in design comes from elements all around us. Little bits of our world, both past and present combine with the wondrous beauty of nature to bring awe inspiring designs into reality. At ADG Lighting, we are driven by the elements that influence design. Those elements become the fuel of our creativity and get translated into the detail of our designs. Through energized collaborations with our clients and designers, we harness those powerful dreams by bringing them to life on paper. The creative concepts are then brought to life in our factory where our extremely talented artisans incorporate their quality crafting and exacting attention to detail in every aspect of the final product.

Design Elements Highlighted in 2016

Some of the elements influencing design in 2016 are spectacular. According to Interior Design magazine, these influences range between Pantone colors, elements of nature and retro design elements. Here are just a few images from the article that have piqued our creativity in 2016:

 Photo Credits: Interior Design magazine 

Our inspired creativity and quality of manufacturing makes ADG Lighting the perfect choice for your projects. Learn more about our inspired creations at or contact us at 818-597-9494.

Lighting Pendants and Sconces Kourtney Kardashian

ADG Lighting Adds The Magic Touch To Kardashian Style

Architectural Digest Celebrity Homes Kardashian

We are always thrilled to have an opportunity to work on projects in celebrity and high-end luxury homes across Southern California. These projects allow us the distinct opportunity to work with some of the most creative and innovative designers in the industry. Often, these projects are featured in publications and highlighted in editorials, increasing the value and notariety of the property. Our work is still the “secret sauce” of the industry and we bring a key design and creative element to the style of these properties. In the March 2016 issue of Architectural Digest, our work was highlighted in the home of Kourtney Kardashian. The feature showed off the elegance and sophistication of the space. The lighting elements that appear in the feature were initially commissioned by the previous owner, but retained in the remodel by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. We were honored that Kourtney and Martyn understood the impact and timelessness of our pieces.

ADG Lighting graces the pages of so many industry magazines that feature the timeless projects of exceptionally talented designers. The architects and designers of these featured projects graciously and openly provide our information for credit. However, with so many of these publications, including Architectural Digest, our work is not credited in the publication. We believe that the lack of proper credit for artistic and creative credit in these publications is related to the business relationship with that publication. These publications want to credit and highlight contributors that are also paying advertisers with their publication.

Our position has been and always will be that we provide unique design and manufacturing of custom lighting that significantly enhance any design project. ADG Lighting remains one of the best kept secrets in the industry and we are proud to fill that role. For those who provide proper credit and acknowledgement, we appreciation your generosity. For those clients who know about us and choose to work with our creative team, we know that you receive the best treatment in the industry and the creative edge over all others.

*Credit * The original design work with Keyshawn Johnson was completed by Cami Forte.
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Think About Your Kitchen in 2016

ADG Lighting_kitchen_design

The design, function and use of modern kitchens is always evolving. We love our kitchens! They are a creative place where we create and where we congregate. Our friends and family gather in them to share and celebrate life. It is estimated that we spend an average of 3 hours a day in the kitchen. It is an integral part of the overall living space of our homes and worthy of our attention to create a comfortable creative space.

For 2016, one of the major trends in kitchen design is the change in lighting. Our kitchens in 2016 will reflect designs that are a flashback to the 80’s, with integrated living space designs that have a soft-nutted color palette and texture-on-texture contrast. The lighting changes will be based in well-lit cabinetry. No longer will we depend on ceiling lighting or well placed lamps to provide the proper lighting effect. We will see the use of low-voltage lighting strips as accent pieces through the cabinetry. The use of LED lighting will be the norm. The trend will offer the ability to offer better mood setting designs, in combination with recessed can lights. Families will live life more in their kitchens during 2016. Open up the space and let the design enhance the quality of life.

Lighting plays a key role in design of a space. As you look at remodel and renovation projects in your kitchen in 2016, partner with the right expert to bring creativity and function to your project through lighting. ADG Lighting is the right choice for your project and would be honored to partner with you today! Go to to schedule a design meeting.

Tribute to Cleo Baldon

This week we honor the late Cleo Baldon, a renowned architect who passed away earlier this month at the age of 87. Our CEO Gerald Olesker had the pleasure of working with her early in his career, and had some thoughts to share.


We all take that moment and pause – look to the sky and consider that pondering is part of the creative aspect. Some employers hate that, but I learned early on with Sid Galper & Cleo Baldon that design is a considered part of the environment.

Many of us sit in the Jacuzzi® and relax. But what if those comfy chaises built into the spa were not there? Well, thanks to Cleo and Sid they are. From iron hardware to the refurbished bungalows around Venice and Santa Monica (owned by Sid and Cleo) many of us had the opportunity to learn and craft our skills in a time past. They designed hardware, furniture, landscapes, spec houses, one of the first solar and passive houses in the Malibu Colony area, and many other items that we all look to for inspiration.

Galper/Baldon offered an office experience to me that shaped the beginning of my career. Picture being a young twentysomething in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Now everyday your office experience was sitting on the second story, corner window with a view up and down the Venice boardwalk. How did I ever get any work done? I called clients, from the Society of Architecture Historians to the rich and famous, across Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu and all over. I remember working on museums to having a great run with Sid, meeting people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I remember Cleo inking the deal for her book on Stairs and Stairways (photo consultation by Julius Shulman). Always inspiring.


Well, that is inspirational. Looking up and pondering, walking down the hall of the renovated Orthodox synagogue to the Galper Baldon Design Studio and challenging Cleo Baldon to a verbal dual. Most employees, after receiving the loudest and most verbose tongue lashing, would never attempt to challenge Cleo. Sid, on the other hand, was gentle, unless you knew the stories of his high school students receiving another kind of tongue tied swell up from plant matter. Sid was grandfathered in as a landscape architect with his ID number in the single digits.

Business with a partnership, it was always – go to Sid for the kind response and Cleo for the downright straight up design critique of a lifetime.

This yin and yang is what ran one of the top landscape and design firms in the country. I had the good fortune of learning form Sid early on, that when a tree would fall over, just replace it, then go to the client and work out the billing. The high profile clients still love him.

Now Cleo always had her wits about her, and how better to learn that challenge the best. One day, being that smartass twentysomething, I said “Cleo, how the heck can an interior designer design landscapes?”  Her answer was concise and with a smile. She told me that space was space. I have taken that with me for the last 25 years, lighting and manufacturing lights and elements for properties from curbside to poolside©. Just a small part of my lessons from Cleo Baldon and Sid Galper.

Now, working on competition drawings for the Stanley Black residence, you know the one with the statues all around the front yard on Sunset at a Dead Man’s curve, and learning from the staff how to render, I received quite the education early on. And with Sid, a lesson in business of how to deal with clients and always return a phone call in 24 hours. Today, I am looking to the sky to say a sad, but warm, goodbye to Cleo Baldon.

I am a chair junkie. I love the versatility of chairs. A pinnacle was when my wife and I rescued 3 Tara Chairs, from the trash crusher with the original rawhide straps and cushions. This design is one of the most versatile designs and sought after chairs on Well, why not, Cleo made sure that whether indoors or out, you would be comfortable. She constantly improved on the design from chair to sofa to table to seat to bar stool to strapping to cushions.

Goodbye Cleo, Goodbye Sid – your designs live on and are enjoyed by all.

“Enjoy the picture series, and next time you ponder, just know that ‘space is space’ and looking up or into a landscape or back into a home, someone yelled at someone and the design was born. Some one yelled at someone and the design was fabricated. And some one calmed the other down to say, just take a seat and enjoy, and ponder…” Gerald Olesker 

Baldon Book

Reflections on the Pool: The Best of California Design by Cleo Baldon