Joey Gennaro

Team Leader and Senior Industrial Designer

Joey Gennaro is the team leader of the ADG Lighting Factory. Joey’s expertise has helped lead ADG to a very satisfied customer base. Joey is an industrial designer with a Bachelor of Arts from CSUN.

He is always willing to roll up his sleeves at the job site or on the factory floor. Every aspect of ADG projects are reviewed with Joey and the design and manufacturing team. All CAD drawings and sample reviews must pass his team before being sent to the customer. Joey is customer-centric and strives to ensure that every custom light fixture, production lighting or furnishing item leaves the factory for its timeless journey in the built environment.

Traveling, hanging with my wife and kids, baseball and enjoying good red wine.

Favorite ADG fixture:
The Contemporary Ring Pendant for the Touro Infirmary, (Item #7183)

To learn something new everyday while making each client’s ADG experience a great one.