Chrissy Cohen

Sales/Business Development: Northeast Area

Christy Cohen

Home improvement officialdom and addict! Fine art exhibitions, art and architecture. I am a multi-disciplined cyclist, backcountry alpinist; rock climbing, telemark & alpine skiing and racing, snowboarding, bike packing and backpacking, I’m enjoy cooking & nature in any and all forms.

Favorite ADG fixture:
My personal style is what I describe as rustic glam, transitional with understated opulence and employing natural elements.

As a degreed interior designer, it has been my pleasure to be representative of creative manufacturing, the backbone of the A&D business. I bring new tools to the design community. We put these tools in the hands of some of the most creative minds in the industry and present them with the possibilities and limitations. In turn, they will then do what they do best, create the unexpected. I’m fascinated by this process and enjoy seeing the installs most as it is always so enriching and rewarding to have had a hand in the complex design process. My goal is to evangelize custom capabilities that further the design intent in doing so.