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Because Gerald Olesker, the founder and owner of ADG Lighting, has a degree in architecture and knows every facet of lighting design, communicating the architect’s vision is easy for him, so he enjoys collaborating with them.

The first step in the collaborative process is understanding the project’s goals; the lighting designer and architect work together to discuss the requirements and overall vision. Every detail must be discussed for the project to be a success.

Another important task between the lighting designer and the architect is to conduct site visits to analyze existing conditions and evaluate any limitations or obstacles. These visits also help determine how to incorporate and integrate artificial and natural lighting into the design.

The lighting designer and the architect develop various concepts and strategies that best align with the vision for that particular space. That being said, anywhere lighting goes has to be designed flawlessly. Some of the tactics explored include using accent or task lighting to create a mood or atmosphere.

After getting all the pertinent information from the architect, the lighting designer creates detailed layouts and specifications that meet the desired requirements for lighting the spaces discussed. This information includes specifications for lighting systems, fixture types, exact placements, and controls. The process can get quite technical in nature.

There are electrical systems that have to be taken into consideration. Hence, the collaboration between the lighting designer and architect is extremely important for all systems to function seamlessly. One could say the lighting designer and architect have each other’s back for guaranteed success.

Gerald is the go-to lighting designer, and the list of A-list architects he has collaborated with is too long to write in its entirety. The list includes architects Homer Oatman, William Hefner, and Richard Landry, just to name a few. 

To see the final results of some of the projects, please visit and check out our gallery.


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by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting