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Hospitality Lighting Design: Planning Your Lighting Space

May 10, 2023 | Architect, Architecture, Custom Lighting, Featured Professional, Featured Projects, Hospitality

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There’s something about the perfect hospitality lighting design that makes the ambiance come together. Perhaps it’s the illumination of the details in the decor, or maybe it’s the unique energy that lighting itself brings. Regardless of the reason, appropriate hospitality lighting design completes any functional space, whether it’s a hotel, cafe, or restaurant. 

Although we haven’t seen many old Hollywood-themed restaurants, one can imagine an atmosphere suggesting a movie star’s clandestine rendezvous, not to mention the glitz and glamour of an era gone by. One can use dimmable or low-wattage bulbs to create that clandestine vibe. Using warm-toned lighting will make the ambiance intimate and inviting.

You can use hidden lights and recessed lighting to accentuate artwork or elements of the architecture and, of course, a hint of perfect soft lighting to gently illuminate the faces of the guests. Another way to brighten guests gently is by using vintage table lamps, which help foster intimacy and private conversations between tables.

Now that was fun, wasn’t it? Okay, let’s talk shop. Some of the critical aspects of hospitality lighting design include:

  • Functionality: While creating the ambiance or vibe, don’t forget to provide adequate illumination for the guests and staff.
  • Energy efficiency: This is a must! There’s no excuse not to be environmentally conscious with energy-efficient lighting, such as LED lights, and with today’s smart controls, it’s also a big money saver.
  • Flexibility and control are essential in your hospitality lighting design, as mood and temperature might influence how you use lighting in your restaurant or establishment. The theme of your restaurant or establishment will dictate how you plan your space. 

Better said is leave it to the professionals – like our very own Gerald Olesker at ADG Lighting. Trust us; you’ll be happy. Gerald is a genius; he knows all aspects of hospitality lighting and can elevate any space into the beautiful vision one desires. Interested in custom lighting for your establishment? Contact the artisans at ADG Lighting at


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by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting