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The Palm Springs Modernism Show is the Coachella of mid-century modernist design and architecture. Ironically, it’s held in the Palm Springs area in the Coachella Valley. Modernism Week is an 11-day event that runs this year from February 16-26. This also includes the Palm Springs Modernism Show, which runs February 17-20.

Here’s a brief recap of some essential features of modernist design:

Functionality: As the modernist architects of yesteryear said, “Form should follow function.” This meant that buildings needed to be designed to meet the needs of the owners or occupants.

Simplicity: Clean lines that meet simplicity are the epitome of modernist design architecture.

Use of Industrial Materials: The materials used to build the modernist design are of a more industrial type that you would see in commercial buildings, such as concrete, steel, and glass. According to modernist architects, using these materials allowed them to create structures with large open spaces with minimalist shapes and forms.

Natural Light: This plays an important role. The modernist architectural style includes large windows that let natural light in, brilliant on many levels.

Let’s talk a bit about the Palm Springs Modernism Show. This annual event attracts over 85 different dealers and sellers from all over the United States and Europe. These dealers offer everything from furniture to lighting from the 1940s through the 1970s. Disco ball, anyone?

Now let’s talk about Modernism Week. This is a major celebration of modernist design with tours of mid-century modern homes in the area. As you know, the Palm Springs area is the mecca of modernist architecture at its best. There are lectures, film screenings, wonderful stories, and a great time to meet collectors, designers, and hobby enthusiasts that come together with a shared interest and love of modernist design. 

Learn more about Modernism Week here.

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Photo Credit: Palm Springs Modernism Week 


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by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting