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Custom lighting is about getting exactly what you want, even if what you want doesn’t currently exist. It includes everything from creating a unique fixture to its placement and lighting output strength. ADG will make it easy if you have never had custom lighting in your home and are interested. 

Give us your request – whether it’s the creation of unique lighting fixtures or personalized custom lighting design for your home. Maybe you would like our principal designer and CEO Gerald Olesker to give you a professional consultation for beautifying an existing room or perhaps your entire home. 

Many clients who wanted to update their homes did it with custom lighting. Gerald has transformed entire homes without tearing down any walls or actual remodeling—it’s all done with custom lighting and the architectural knowledge and expertise Gerald has. 

Check out our lookbook on our site for ideas and inspiration. Gerald creates gorgeous sculpt concepts in lighting that look like suspended chandeliers because they are suspended in mid-air. Well, we won’t ever tell; you’ll have to ask Gerald himself. Like a magician never tells his secrets, neither does Gerald since he is a magician in custom lighting – we kid you not! See for yourself, give us a call.

Gerald has worked on some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, resorts, and celebrity homes. We like to call Gerald the secret sauce that adds that little extra that makes any architecture stand out above the rest.

Visit the ADG Lighting website for more information about our services, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on our current projects! You can fill out a request form on our website, or if you prefer, you can email us directly at or call us at 818.597.9494. 



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Install finally happening…light, planters and more to come…


by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting