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Taliesin West: An Architectural Landmark by Frank Lloyd Wright

Jul 6, 2022 | Architect, Architecture, Featured Professional, Featured Projects

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The Taliesin West in Arizona, located in the thick of the McDowell Mountains, is perhaps one of the most significant architectural landmarks and an exceptional legacy that Frank Lloyd Wright left behind. 

Frank Lloyd Wright was credited for pioneering the Prairie style of architecture. Wright developed his version of modernism known as American Modernism or Midwestern Modernism. He’s referred to as the Father of Modern Architecture, but we believe a more accurate depiction is the Father of American Modernism. 

The architectural landmark known as the Taliesin West is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. To add to this honor, the Taliesin West is Arizona’s first and only World Cultural Heritage site as of July 7th, 2019.

Mr. Wright was no stranger to controversy; when he had his apprentices build this architectural landmark for him, some of his critics called it slavery. His apprentices worked tirelessly without any notoriety and paid for their room and board. 

The Taliesin West is more than just an honored architectural landmark; it was the smallest architectural school at Taliesin, accepting only 30-40 students per year. The students learned by doing, and the school offered a three-year master’s program in architecture. 

Unfortunately, as of June 2020, the School of Architecture at Taliesin West had to close its doors. The closure was due to financial constraints—but on the bright side, the foundation plans on keeping the Taliesin West open so the public can learn and feel the Frank Lloyd Wright home and workspace experience. 

Wright never completed this architectural landmark; there were over two hundred changes, some extensive renovations while others were simple ones like painting. Today, it is a thriving tourist attraction where kids and adults can learn and experience while having fun.

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Photo Credit: ArchDaily



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