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Custom Lighting Manufacturers Do Create the Best Choices

Jan 5, 2022 | Architect, Architecture, Custom Lighting, Featured Professional, Featured Projects, Lighting, Los Angeles

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When we speak of custom lighting manufacturers, we refer to our work here at ADG Lighting. Truthfully speaking, there aren’t very many custom lighting manufacturers like us!

So what do custom lighting manufacturers do that’s so special? Keep reading…

After being in the lighting business for 25+ years, we feel all custom lighting manufacturers should offer exactly what the client wants. From the color to the materials used, specific finishes, and even size. That’s right, we are talking about unique one-of-a-kind in many cases.

The custom lighting manufacturer should also give the client what they require as far as time, budget, and design when creating project specifications. So yes, being client-driven is very important; custom is custom from start to finish.

The custom lighting manufacturer has to guarantee quality craftsmanship. We understand that not everyone manufactures their products in the USA, but ADG Lighting does. We have our artisans in our factory right here in Los Angeles. Plus, all custom lighting manufacturers should consistently deliver on time.

The custom lighting manufacturer should also have a great portfolio to show their worthiness. Perhaps you’ve heard of a little place called Spago in Beverly Hills, or the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, or the Manhattan Beach Country Club. ADG Lighting has been a part of the custom lighting work featured at these remarkable properties.

We have also worked with schools, hospitals, and government agencies, including the United States Air Force, the Department of the Navy, and NCH Hospitals in Chicago. We have also done work for celebrities. You can view a complete list of ADG clients.

Lighting is an investment, and it is an investment that you will live with for many years to come. So why not make it exactly what you want? The perfect lighting is a two-way street. Perfect lighting makes your surroundings more beautiful, creating the desired atmosphere not only in its illumination but also in the lighting unit’s design. If you can’t find a custom lighting manufacturer that can offer what we can, then keep looking. We’ll always be here when you are ready. Email us at or call us at 818.597.9494.


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Hope everyone had a happy New Year!


by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting