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For those who are into Hollywood glam, the name William “Billy” Haines is very familiar. Billy Haines was the father of the Hollywood Regency style of interior decor. Just so everyone reading this is familiar with Billy Haines, here is a quick synopsis of who the man was.

Haines was a very popular actor back in the 1920s and 30s who successfully transitioned from silent films to talkies. He also had a delightful personality with unlimited charisma that charmed many. Unfortunately, many who ran Hollywood’s biggest studios felt his homosexuality would ruin box office success. When they asked Haines to “marry” and take on a “normal” lifestyle, staying true to himself, he walked away from the industry.

Haines walked away from the industry, but not his friends. He was a natural at interior design and had befriended most of Hollywood. That’s when Haines started what was to become his legacy, known as the Hollywood Regency style of decor and design. Designing for many of old Hollywood’s biggest names, today his legacy lives on at his company, William Haines Designs. You can buy many of his pieces of furniture and antiques. He had also opened up an antique store in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

Want some tips on how to get that Hollywood Regency look for your home? Remember, the Hollywood Regency style can best be described as Old Hollywood glamorous, luxurious, reminiscent of old Hollywood of the 1930s. Think Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard, and those who represented the epitome of glam and opulence of that era.

Now for the tips of the trade on getting the Hollywood Regency style into your house:

  • Add a lucite bar cart or a lucite coffee table.
  • Use bold colors and spontaneous accents. Colors such as hot pink, emerald green, yellow, and turquoise. These colors are synonymous with the golden era of Hollywood.
  • Add faux animal prints such as a leopard skin rug, textiles, and furnishings.
  • Bring in some lacquered accessories — for example, trays, vases, or larger furniture such as lacquered credenzas or accent tables.
  • Don’t forget that crystal chandelier, or even better visit us here at, as we are experts on the Hollywood Regency style of lighting and can even come up with some original designs. Trust us, Billy Haines would approve of what Gerald Olesker, owner and architectural industrial designer, would come up with. Hollywood glamour never goes out of style! If you are interested in having the Hollywood Regency lighting for your home or space, email us at or call 818.597.9494.


Photo Credit: Town & Country Magazine



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