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Tiny homes —for some people, the idea starts as a dream of saving money; for others, it starts as a romantic notion, and then for a third group of people it might be a possible retirement option. Regardless of your particular reason, the thought of living in a picturesque tiny home complete with tiny little payments is tempting. 

So what makes tiny homes so tempting? Well, they are beautiful; at least we haven’t seen a tiny home fixer-upper yet. Then there’s the purchasing price; a tiny home in Los Angeles can cost anywhere from $30,000 for an average model and go up to $150,000+ for a fully customized model. This is just the price to build; we will get into the land aspect shortly.

There are tiny homes, and there are micro-homes. If you want a micro-home, that could be arranged for a mere $8,000 for your basic no-frills property. The square footage is what makes the price go up. A micro-home is around 300-350 square feet, and a tiny home is 400-600 square feet.

Now let’s talk about the land in relation to your tiny home. Suppose this is a little addition to your existing property (like a maid’s quarters or living quarters for a relative), other than permits and building regulations you must follow. In that case, there’s no problem since you already own the land. 

If you are looking for available land or undeveloped lots, then you’re going to need to do some research. Here are some sites that will help.




Rural Vacant Land

Lands of America

Learn the local regulations and zoning laws wherever you decide to live. That means that different areas have building standards and differ from state to state or county to county. Now don’t fret, there are counties without any zoning ordinances or building codes, but deed and easement restrictions could make things tricky, so find out and do the research.

Another consideration is where are your water and electricity going to come from? It depends on where you have this land and how close you are to utility connections. If you build a well, this could cost you from $1500 up to $10,000+, not including permits.

To hook up to both water and electricity could cost you up to $30,000. Don’t forget the off-the-grid electricity options. They will have upfront and maintenance costs, for example, solar power generators and wind turbines should you decide to go that route.

Well, we’ve covered the basics if you’re thinking about buying your own tiny home. In an upcoming post, we’ll talk about tiny home communities. Yes, you can dream again; these are in every state, and like-minded neighbors are always a plus.

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