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Before we all get into the year-end celebratory conga line, let’s take a moment to reflect on what this year taught us. 2020 was a challenging year — we were all affected by the many tragedies that the pandemic brought. If not directly, then by the stories we heard on the news or by our network of friends and acquaintances.

You’re probably wondering why we would even bring up a year-end celebratory conga line because we have absolutely no reason to celebrate 2020 at all.

Let us share a quote by Roy T. Bennett, “The hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life.” This year we suffered many losses, but throughout the loss, we came together and held each other up, if not physically, then through empathy and kindness. We cried for others when we heard their stories of family members dying of COVID and not being able to see them. We heard stories of older couples dying within minutes of each other.

We cried, some of us sitting by ourselves, some of us shielding our faces from our families as if to say, “I don’t know why I am crying for this stranger.” This year brought out the humanity in us. Even if we disagreed with what we saw or heard, we found it within us to accept what we could not change.

Many businesses had to pivot and work remotely; others had to change their dynamics. Many homeless pets got adopted into loving homes because people were lonely. People stayed home with their families, and some of them started new small businesses. Our definition and re-evaluation of the family became even stronger.

In 2020, we as people found the glimmer of hope within the ruins. We saw what was truly important in life, and it took the year 2020 to bring us all together in this common obstacle, and in true form, we supported each other.

Now, let’s get in our celebratory conga line to celebrate the knowledge we all have of each other’s back. Perhaps the conga line is the dance of unity.

Farewell 2020…and Hello 2021!

Happy New Year From Your ADG Family


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