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Rue Magazine Feature: Timeless Architectural Elegance With Perfect Lighting

Oct 7, 2020 | Architect, Architecture, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, California, Featured Professional, Featured Projects, General News, Los Angeles, Southern California

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We recently completed a project in Corona Del Mar, just featured in Rue Magazine

Before its conception, the house had a few building hurdles set by a strict HOA that had to be dealt with before any construction could occur.

Building hurdles at this level of architectural design can be a challenge, who has to make it all work in design and its feasibility. Well, it’s not a surprise that the dream team of Brandon Architects, along with interior designer Laura Brophy of Laura Brophy Interiors, and our very own architectural industrial designer and CEO of ADG Lighting Gerald Olesker, would outdo themselves in this joint venture!

The house is the epitome of elegance, but in a “less is more” modernistic style. The luxurious feel comes from the clean lines and geometric patterns that dress the house. Since this is a house for a family with kids and a dog, functionality is necessary, but the functionality in this house is void of clutter and instead is represented by space.

This house’s theme is bringing the outdoors indoors, and it’s best represented by the multi-slide large sliding glass doors. Depending on the slide you choose, it can change the view; in this case, the view of the ocean. 

ADG Lighting provided exquisite custom made lighting fixtures. Looking at the perfectly shaped spheres suspended in thin air is a complete artistic experience — the kind of experience that elicits believing in magic. The lighting placement adds to its splendor as it perfectly does its job by lighting the room beautifully and adding beauty to the intended target. Whether it’s a living human or an inanimate object, their appearance will be enhanced. 

The kitchen lighting, although unique, does give a hint of nostalgia. Maybe it is the warmth of a family kitchen that the lighting elicits, which we labeled nostalgia; regardless, it is perfect. The lighting pieces are to the house what a simple perfect diamond is to a delicate hand. 

The interior design of this house is open and airy, and it is perfect. The other important detail is that there isn’t anything trendy that you can decade. This architectural masterpiece will stand the test of time. It shall forever remain timeless, except for the memories waiting to be made.