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Let It Be Shown in Its Best Light

Sep 23, 2020 | Architect, Architecture, California, Featured Professional, Featured Projects, General News, Los Angeles

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When it comes to knowing what it takes to make a home beautiful, interior designer Mark D. Sikes is the go-to guy. Mark knows how to create a sense of elegance by using the perfect shade of color or the perfect wallpaper. But…when it comes to creating and designing the perfect lighting, there is only one go-to expert: L.A.’s premier custom lighting specialist and architectural industrial designer Gerald Olesker.

Gerald Olesker’s work is featured in Mark’s new book, “More Beautiful: All-American Decoration,” which is the sequel to his first book, “Beautiful,” which just happens to be a New York Times best-seller. The book is available for purchase on Mark’s website. Also, make sure you check out the feature in Architectural Digest, as Mark’s book is highlighted.

You will see Gerald’s gorgeous lighting creations at the E.J. Carrillo Residence on 1602 Georgina Avenue, owned by John and Ali De Neufville. Gerald also designed the exterior lanterns and firescreen, which he did in a historic interpretation. This property won the Rehabilitation Award through the Santa Monica Conservancy.

This prestigious award is given only to those who contribute to preserving Santa Monica’s architectural and cultural heritage.

Truth be told, the Georgina property featured in “More Beautiful” had the dream team making their contributions: premier architect Paul Williger, top interior designer Mark D. Sikes, and award-winning lighting specialist Gerald Olesker. With a team like this, winning is just a given. What makes this team even better is that they are all locally based here in Los Angeles.


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