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We’ll call this the “ride of honor.” The American Institute of Architects (AIA) produced a map with landmarks crediting the Black architects involved in their design and build. In light of recent events, this written “ride” through Los Angeles is necessary, because we are going to view absolutely breathtaking buildings, all designed by black architects. Jason E. Morris, who himself is an architect, along with Gruen Associates and the Southern California Chapter of the National Organization for Minority Architects, were the mastermind behind this project.

One of the main reasons that this map is so important is because many black architects did not receive credit for their accomplishments, so the list should be much bigger. At least this map/list shows that talent knows no color, and neither should a civilized society.

Take a Sunday ride and follow this map. If you have kids, take them with you and show them these awe-inspiring buildings. Then ask them — if they designed buildings like these and someone else was given credit, ask them how they would feel. This alone would begin to change the trajectory of future generations, because the question evokes a visceral reaction. We remember what we can feel.

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