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5 Architectural Design “Trends” Here to Stay

Jun 3, 2020 | Architect, Architecture, Featured Professional, Featured Projects

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Every year there is a new trend in just about every industry. Architecture is one of the most exciting sectors — because it becomes part of our past and then our future. So a well-thought-out design will always be in style, like a ‘65 Mustang — you know it is an old car, but dang, it still looks great!

Here are some of the exciting architectural design trends we’re seeing for 2020:

  • Industrial Style in Residential Architecture: This is really never out of style. You will see it in lofts or renovated buildings, such as a downtown warehouse that is now set to be someone’s home. The materials used are usually a combination of iron, wood, and aluminum. Simple lines are very characteristic of this style, as well as asymmetrical forms in construction.
  • Open Design with Multipurpose Areas: Using architectural elements to create a space, such as walls, columns, or anything that can create a space or shape a space; ceilings and floors are included in this list of elements.
  • Organic Architecture: This is architecture that seems to blend or mesh with the exterior surroundings. Perhaps the colors used on the building and the shape blends with the foliage surrounding the building.
  • Minimalist Architectural Style: This elegant style gets its grace from glass and concrete. It brings in the outside elements by providing huge windows (and shall we say glass curtains) to spark up any living quarters. This also provides clean, empty spaces filled with “space” or air, an absolutely breathtaking architecture style.
  • Passive Houses: These houses are built to leave a small footprint on the environment. They require very little energy for cooling and heating and are meant to improve the quality of life because they are built to use available resources. This is a great example of thinking for the future.

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