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Look at your community surroundings, such as the city you live in, the neighborhood you selected, and your house. These decisions all seem so simple to the average person, but the significance is monumental. All these decisions have social and cultural forces at play that will influence you and shape the lives of your children.

With the community and city you chose, consider there were urban and regional planners, civil engineers, environmental engineers, lawyers, and real estate developers who all had data into what would make a strong and possibly much-needed community. 

With the house you chose, depending on the neighborhood, it could be a simple, modest three-bedroom house or a one-of-a-kind creation built to the specific requests of the home buyer. Here are the all so important facts about architects. Their decisions affect public safety; they can create and design what has never been done before, so they are inventors as well.

The great architects of the world have designed what we call beauty, and have influenced our lives greatly. They have been the designers of these communities. Yes that is right because although the theory and data were put together by urban planners, environmental engineers and lawyers, real estate developers had a request regarding what they wanted and the architect had to fulfill that request. Those houses, public buildings, and retail shops all represent the neighborhood and community.

It is joked that when God created the world, he had an architect present. Architects design and create buildings to the specifications that they are given. Whether they are designing a library, museum, skyscraper, a temple of worship, or a house built on the edge of a cliff, architects have a strong influence on our important monuments.  

So let’s celebrate some of the great architects of all time:

Frank Lloyd Wright: Designed more than 1000 structures.

Frank Gehry: Designed many global attractions.

Le Corbusier: Instrumental in pioneering what we now call modern architecture.

Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid: She was the first woman to receive The Pritzker Architecture Prize. 

Norman Foster: Famous for pioneering high-tech architecture globally.

 We thank these great architects for making the world more beautiful and having the foresight to see it before we do.

From the ADG Design Studio

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by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting