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Something changes in our lives when summer season is upon us. The warmer weather brings us out of our hibernation into the natural beauty of summer. Our life changes because of the season. We’re naturally attracted to be outdoors into the warmer weather. Our social schedule adjusts accordingly and we gravitate towards spending time outdoors with friends and family. Whether it’s trips to the beach, the mountains or our favorite amusement parks, we just enjoy being with others during this season. A recent survey showed that people’s perception of color change during the summer season. The way our eyes perceives and interprets the color spectrum change with the season. The grass looks greener, the water looks bluer and the sunshine is just a bit brighter. Those interpretations of color during summer change our behavior.

Creating the Perfect Summer Environment

Summer should bring a change to your living spaces. The way we use our entertaining and living spaces tend to “open up” during the summer. Open the windows and doors to bring in the natural lighting. Those windows allow the beauty of nature to flow into our homes and energize the space. Our living spaces tend to open up into the outdoor spaces that create a natural flow into the home. Entertaining has never been better when the flow of the home naturally opens up and flows into outdoor spaces. Understanding the way we interpret the light during summer significantly changes the way we interpret and enjoy the feeling of our living spaces.

ADG Understands Summer Inspiration

With summer upon us, isn’t it time to take advantage of the inspiration of summer? ADG understands the creative inspiration of the change in season. Summer is about light and the effect of light on your living space. Let us work with your inspiration and collaborate on ways to bring your dreams to life. Our expertise allows us to guide you through a project that will exceed your every expectation. Visit us at and learn how we can make your dreams come to life. Visit our Custom Request form and let’s begin our collaborative process for your project.

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