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Enjoying the Form and Function of Pendant Lighting

Jun 11, 2014 | Lighting

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Whether it’s a dining room, bathroom, or kitchen, pendant lights add a decorative touch to any space. Also commonly referred to as a drop or suspender, their popularity is due to their versatility, adding both style to any room as well as serving a function.


In many of today’s homes, the kitchen is becoming the destination for a lot of creative pendant style lighting pieces. They provide just the right amount of task lighting for everything from preparing meals to cleaning.


You often see pendant lighting in a variety of materials, from glass to concrete. They are also available as energy-saving models, with some using LED lighting for more efficiency and durability.


Whether you decide on a multi-light pendant or drum pendants, this type of lighting style is versatile and provides a nice balance of form and function. For more information about ADG Lighting’s pendant lighting services, contact us today at (818) 597-9494 or email us at