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Beverly Park Modern with ADG ceo’s Stainless Steel Designed Light fixtures

Sep 9, 2013 | Lighting

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There is always a sleek home that everyone looks at and says “wow”. So is this one of those block stoppers?

Modern Home Illuminated a perfect 10  ADG Modern – wonderful and expressive.

This is one of the 22 homes in Beverly Park I completed over the years. Now on Sale. We also fabricated signs for the BP home owners association.



How do we communicate elegance and simplicity? For Gerald Olesker the CEO at ADG Lighting of Architectural Detail Group, it is about penning the details as if they were part of the architecture. He states “the personality of the design is established from the first pen mark on the page.”  We interpret this as if the structure of the design correlates more to the architectural features, right or wrong. If the light fixtures do not function within the time changes of the 24 hour cycle, then they are just applied ornament.

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If we contribute to the embellishment of architecture then it is just a decorated shed. However, if the pen strokes are engaged as part of the design process and justified then the light fixtures are functional detail. This is how the masters designed. SO this is how the team at ADG Lighting designs and fabricates custom lighting


“…I like to think that if Mies or Kahn or McKim Mead White were to engage with our team at ADG the process we take today is that simple. good design reflects good results and seamless part of the building process….Not all of our projects can be considered masterful, but our approach at Architectural Detail Group Lighting is masterful.” states Gerald Olesker.


Taste is reflected in personal choice. And while choice is what we make, taste is what is reflected. (c) Olesker 2013.

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