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Another Great Estate This month ADG Light Fixtures are part of $100 million of Homes for sale

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Great Lights – Great view – Great estate – this is one of 5 homes our team completed in the Ridge.

bev ridge 7 by ADG Lighting










A recent remodel, move a few fixtures around and create one of the best viewing decks in the canyon. The lanterns were the original post lights at the front door we created.

The estate was designed by Ward Jewell  and the custom light fixtures were fabricated by ADG Lighting.

bev ridge by ADG Lighting

This Beverly Ridge Estate’s custom Fireplace Screens were designed and fabricated by Architectural Detail Group’s Joey Genarro and Gerald Olesker. No part of ornamentation is to small and no part of ornamentation should be treated as such. The key to great quality light fixtures is making it a part of the architectural process.

bev ridge 2 by ADG Lighting bev ridge 5 by ADG Lighting

Before and After. While the statement is still an appropriate sized European entry the  transition points carry the visor through the home and then across into the yard with the newly placed fixtures.


Custom Light Fixtures certainly can be made by anyone, However, it is the implementation of lasting design and quality that is sought out by homeowners, hoteliers and designers to use ADG Lighting. Architects and Contractors have called on our team members for the last 20 years stated Gerald Olesker Ceo for ADG Lighting.

bev ridge 3 by ADG Lighting

What is the reason people keep coming back to ADG Lighting? Penmanship and the willingness to stand by the products that ADG manufactures. Architectural Detail Group designs and manufactures custom light fixtures, furniture, and fabricates ornament. Customers continually come back because ADG stand by its work and designs some of the world’s best lights.