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Celebrated Lighting

Jun 28, 2011 | General News, Institute of Classical Architecture, Lighting

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This was a true celebration of the Valencia project coming together. One of the top homes in Tournament Players Club.

indoor swimming pool at TPC Residence

If it were not for the client, the trades and the eye of the designer/ architect there would be no project. It is truly and inspired collaboration. SO when we see a published article in any magazine or book, remember the reason it looks so good is because of the collaboration of everyone involved. It is rare that we have carte blanche.

ADG Lighting notes the inspired and new facebook tracking of Monique Lafia. She reminds us that the Dwell show was going on last weekend. IF you did not know we actually had representation there. Lightopia showroom in Laguna Beach, CA works with a variety of our customers both with our Designlog/ catalog line and custom works.

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Please call with an idea, and work with our team to create Great Design. How can we help make lighting design/. manufacturing a better part of your project. Energy Efficient and good looking items go together. We do this as well.

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On Going energy commitment is important. Energy efficiency is at the top of our list. See the new link to our hotel, restaurant and resorts folio. ADG Eco team is currently working on 2 hip southern California Restaurants.

ADG CEO Gerald Olesker was interviewed on Wall Street Radio am 760 in Hawaii. Show Host Charlene Brown’s Eco Effect Radio is a daily program. the discussion was about the need to save electricity by changing to ADG Eco Induction Lighting and other functional uses.

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