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Adding a Traditional Touch To The Outdoors

Planning an Outdoor Renovation

Spring is upon us and baseball season is in full swing! With the weather creating a more comfortable and relaxing environment for entertainment and relaxation, some find their outdoor living spaces are in need of a facelift. In a recent survey from Houzz, nearly a thousand of those surveyed are planning or have completed renovations to their outdoor living spaces. Of those thousand, over 57% plan to upgrade their outdoor lighting.

Making the Change

When considering a change to the lighting in your outdoor living spaces, more and more homeowners are reaching out to lighting professionals for support. A professional lighting designer is able to provide both the creative and technical expertise required to bring your project to life. Great lighting can bring zen-like qualities to any setting. You can rediscover the perimeter of your property, make it fun to entertain and highlight points of interest. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening hours. Maybe you have a bench or a shadowy garden corner you need to illuminate for security reasons. A path leading through the garden may require landscape lighting to mark its boundaries.  A professional lighting designer can bring your creative ideas to life through their creative design abilities.

For Your Consideration

When you are choosing a lighting professional for your outdoor renovation, ADG Lighting is the right partner to bring your project to life. With over 20 years experience, our creativity and quality manufacturing have brought countless outdoor projects to life. We are excited about the creative design opportunities presented in spring projects. Our design creativity and quality of manufacturing makes ADG Lighting the perfect choice for your spring projects. Learn more about our inspired creations at or contact us at 818-597-9494.

We would like to share four samples of our work that would be ideal for any outdoor project:



ADG Featured in Latest Issue of Robb Report

We were thrilled to find out that our work at the Greystone Mansion designer showcase back in November was featured in the May/June issue of Robb Report Home & Style! We worked with L’Esperance Design to recreate the design tastes of business and media mogul William Randolph Hearst. We selected atelier chrome fixtures and lamps that formerly sat at the Hearst estate for the showcase. Check out the feature in the latest issue.

Robb June 2014 Cover

Robb June 2014 Article



ADG Lighting Featured in the Winter 2013 Issue of California Homes

We are excited to announce our lighting work at the Historic Greystone Mansion for the 2013 Designer Showcase was just featured in the latest edition of California Homes! Our work celebrated business titan William Randolph Hearst. The Greystone grand foyer was one of the spaces selected to honor the design taste of the media mogul. We selected atelier chrome fixtures and lamps that formerly sat at the Hearst estate for the showcase.

2013_CA_homes_winter_Paul_LEsperance_Greystone_ADG_Lighitng_1 2

We joined creative forces with interior design company L’Esperance Design for the project. The Greystone Mansion has been the site of countless television shows and movies such as X-Men, The Bodyguard, The Gilmore Girls, and The Social Network. The showcase celebrated design through the Titans of Business and Best of Design theme. You can see more about the showcase and our work in this KABC-7 Los Angeles news segment. For more of our custom work, visit the ADG Lighting website.

Hearst at Greystone

Leading LA Lighting Firm Infuses Style of Hearst to Greystone Mansion Showcase

ADG Lighting Partners with L’Esperance Design for Titans of Business Themed 2013 Designer Showcase 

LOS ANGELES – November 12, 2013 – ADG Lighting, a leading LA-based custom lighting firm, has joined creative forces with interior design company L’Esperance Design for the 2013 Designer Showcase at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

Celebrating business titan William Randolph Hearst, the Greystone grand foyer was one of the spaces selected to honor the design taste of the media mogul. Renowned for their custom lighting work at the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, ADG Lighting selected atelier chrome fixtures and lamps that formerly sat at the Hearst estate for the showcase.1457463_644035882301375_155224688_n

“We were thrilled to work with L’Esperance Design on such an amazing and creative project,” said Gerald Olesker, Founder and CEO of ADG Lighting. “Our experience working at the Hearst Castle really inspired our thought process for the project, and we are proud to be part of the legacy being created at Greystone Mansion.”

The Greystone Mansion has been the site of countless television shows and movies such as X-Men, The Bodyguard, The Gilmore Girls, and The Social Network. The showcase celebrates design through the Titans of Business and Best of Design theme. Selected designers reinvented rooms in the spirit and taste of the chosen business titan, translating the space into works of art. Titans come from any of the following industries: Entertainment, Import/Export, Wine, New Media, Manufacturing, Banking/Finance, and Real Estate.

Atelier Chrome Collection by ADG

DSC_0244 1380052_10151917254474169_1644421992_n



Copy of DSC_0039

Gerald Olesker, CEO/Founder of ADG Lighting, stands next to the printed fabric walls by L’Esperance, featuring the Atelier Chromed Lanterns with lion’s heads. The space is themed out appropriately, with the influence of William Randolph Hearst as the Grand Entry’s Titan for the 2013 Greystone home tour.

The ADG Eco Lighting Atelier Chrome Collection Lamps were originally designed and manufactured for our Hearst Castle Collection. These magnificent lamps stayed at Hearst Castle for almost two years in a suite designed by Barclay Butera. They are now for sale and are seeking a good home.

Historic Greystone Mansion

625527_10151917255289169_1004123934_n IMG956934DSC_0081a


DSC_0245 1457675_10151985828174169_278952228_n
2013-11-02 15.40.42 1385981_10151917255404169_1804407716_n 1458_10151976356584169_1727038915_n

Having fun with Gerald Olesker, Paul L’Esperance and Joey Genarro at Greystone Doheny Mansion.

DSC_0009 1380501_10151976356374169_845692687_n 1002019_10151976356114169_963038166_n 988769_10151985831019169_1350353067_n

The public will have the chance to procure selected Hearst-inspired pieces from the Grand Foyer. All fixtures for sale are part of the Hearst Castle Collection by ADG Lighting.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Collection fixtures toured Hearst Castle for almost two years; the fixtures were chromed out for the Greystone Home tour. These legacy pieces will also be signed by Gerald Olesker.

The showcase runs through November 24th. For more information on ADG Lighting and the fixtures available for sale, please visit the company blog or call 818-597-9494. Additional information on the Greystone Mansion Showcase is available on the Design House International website.

About ADG Lighting

ADG Lighting, a subsidiary of Architectural Detail Group, is a custom design and manufacturing firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial spaces. Based in Agoura Hills, the company works with restaurants, hotels & resorts, and landmarks worldwide providing high caliber design and sustainable lighting solutions.


Media Contact

Endrea Kosven

EDK & Company

(818) 259-0339










Beverly Ridge European Estate – Custom Lights by ADG Eco Lighting

Another Fab home that we designed and manufactured light fixtures for. Our Team At ADG, Architectural Detail Group, had created the concept for exterior lanterns and interior details. Firescreens and other fixtures.



 is the link to this estate boasting an almost $20,000,000 price tag. Video about Beverly Park with Richard Manion Architect.

bev ridge 5 bev ridge 2 bev ridge 3 bev ridge 4 bev ridge 8 bev ridge 6 bev ridge 7

12909-ir firescreen ADG Lighting 270-cb2-br-w-sh simple wall sconce ADG Lighting - WM 614-mb1-st-h-ba spiked lantnern with down light title 24 ADG Lighting - WM 681--cb3-br-w-shba Transistional lantern on Moustache arm bracket ADG Lighting - WM 682-cb3-ir-w-ba Transitional Lantern ADG Lighting - WM 682-cb4-br-w-shba Kane Transitional Lantern ADG Lighting - WM 12006-ir Barcelona fire Screen ADG Lighting 12006-ir detail firescreen ADG Lighting 12301-ir firescreen ADG Lighting 12906-ir firescreen ADG Lighting


























































Fixture details and firescreens are all available with ADG Lighting and made to order. So customization is as simple as a quick sketch and email.


To contact us for projects call 818-597-9494 or email








Buster Keaton Revisited an Illuminating Article


What do Buster Keaton, Gerald Olesker and set design have in common?  Several Years Back the “villa” was restored. We use the term restored loosely. During the first phase we were there. We walked the grounds and saw a gem.


Then the new owners engaged Lafia/ Arvin design. One of favorite firms to work with. Exciting progress began. Then Marc Appleton came on board to begin the addition to the carriage house. Seamless – just as when we worked on a Paul Williams for a current Studio head, every step with Appleton Architects made the portion of the estate look as if it were part of the original intention.

Original Gild Wood Gryphon Lantern restored by ADG Lighting – Interpretations of new fixtures and sconces available

We approach the lighting the same way. At Architectural Detail Group, Inc our TEAM has been trained to review and understand that new light fixtures are not just a selection form a show show-room. Our Solution Based Manufacturing  (c) methods are if we where part of the original team making the fixtures in history.

Buster Keaton’s Italian Villa, (see link to restoration notes) one of the last silent movie star mansions still in existence, has been saved from the wrecking ball. Keaton built the 10,000- square-foot Mediterranean palazzo in Beverly Hills shortly after completing his masterpiece, The General, in 1926.

The comedian sold the estate in 1933 and it was subsequently occupied by a number of other owners, including Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Hutton and Cary Grant, and finally, James and Pamela Mason.  The first restoration prior to being sold to our client preserved many lights in the basement. the Video link lets us see a few of the attempts to bring the estate to life.

 Light fixtures are such a key element in any part of Architecture. And yes Architecture with a capital “A”. When all of the components come together this makes for a more appropriate and timeless score. This is why clients bring to us the parts of history and say “ADG can you please reproduce, please copy, please make it look like this.” Period Homes descriptive is a useful tool. People bring us torn out pages and say make this.  We help them with the process at ADG. Our purposes we say is Architectural Detail Group is a collaborative enhancing the built environment through positive relationships./

 Here is the Case Study of fixtures at the estate. Architectural Detail Group Buster Keaton pics case study of light fixtures

The TEAM at ADG Eco Lighting and Architectural Detail Group approach every project, new, historic or energy efficient modeling with this same Solution Based Manufacturing methodology.

As you can see the following are published articles with these elements form the Keaton Estate.  Even the new owners and design firm used ADG Lighting in other projects of theirs. Florida Design Magazine Buster Keaton the other home by BK property owners private beach estate Coastal Living Canadian Interiors from the designer of Buster Keaton – Light Fixtures by Gerald Olesker Gretzky Estate Architect for Buster Keaton estate New Classicist – Light Fixtures by Gerald Olesker on Cover – other project include 30% of the book has work by Gerald Olesker

  for more information contact ADG at 818-597-9494.  Architectural Detail Group is the past licensee for the Hearst Castle Collection/ and private labels for many design collection. ADG has several lines available for purchase as well as custom manufactures.

Products are Manufactured in the USA. Lighting fixtures  manufactured in the USA by ADG Lighting.