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New Architecture: Designing the Campus of the Future

“You go into malls and they float all kinds of Roman columns and fake images. It’s Disney. It’s superficial. It’s mass produced. It’s empty.”

Travis Price, Award Winning Architect & Philosopher

University campus architecture was all about luxury dorms and recreational facilities. The structures did not reflect the high purpose of innovation and creativity that we would hope to find on a university campus. The buildings and structures designed for higher learning reflected either centuries old design or utilitarian ideals that are not conducive to the environment of learning. Shouldn’t the architecture of higher learner reflect the ideals of inspiration and innovation?

Architecture That Inspires Learning

New ideas and new architecture are beginning to impact the face of universities. New designs being introduced are dynamic, revolutionary and present new ways to provide spaces for higher learning. These new architectural designs focus not only on the classroom environments, but also on the importance of spaces that host students working outside of scheduled class times. Not only are different types of courses considered, but also the different types of learning modalities of the students. By creating the “place to be,” the level of excitement and spontaneous creativity runs high and promotes a real awareness of the importance of engagement. By creating a luminous, transparent and comfortable physical environment, filled with artwork and inviting, collaborative and engaging spaces, the new architecture manifests itself throughout the design.

Architecture Creates the Future Vision of Education

Students are changing the university climate of higher education. They are challenging all preconceived notions of what a university is and what it provides to further student education. Bland, cookie cutter classrooms and impractical spaces just are not conducive for a learning environment. Architectural design for our universities must reflect these changes and provide a more inspirational environment for higher learning. Faculty, students and architects are collaborating to bring a new look to our university campus architecture.

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New barn project … A chicken coup view from main house


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