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Did You Give Your Tradesman or Artisan Credit Today?

Several lighting fixtures designed and manufactured by ADG Lighting were featured in this Architectural Digest video tour of Kourtney Kardashian’s home (designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard), which contains unauthorized use of our work product.

As you’ll see, credit to ADG Lighting was left out of the original video. We have included a re-edited version here by 20/twenty publishing. Out of the approximately 87 items featured, 5 of them were crafted by ADG Lighting.

The ADG products featured in this video were designed and manufactured by ADG Lighting specifically for this home. These products were not intended for public display or publication without written consent from ADG Lighting. Architectural Digest did not seek permission, and specifically had been notified. While it is exciting that Architectural Digest did publish the home with 3 variations of the issue, they had been contacted that ADG did create the majority of the lighting for this home, from curbside-to-poolside™. The video does not include a resource list of the trades, nor ADG Lighting credits. We thank Martyn Lawrence Bullard for all of his shout-outs and continued support on this and other projects. Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian for the opportunity to work on this project along with the other trades.

As professionals and artisans, we seek to elevate the values and standards of our industry through well-designed work. By elevating makers, publications like Architectural Digest can help support the trades in the design process.

How many lost opportunities do we see on a regular basis for artisans (like us)? By not giving credit where credit is due, it is creating a major disservice to those interested readers and viewers who want to learn more about interior design and architecture. The Kourtney Kardashian Architectural Digest video has almost 800,000 views. Whether copyrighted, trademarked, or just a great work effort, the team at ADG Lighting works to collaborate with the design process. When Architectural Digest intentionally leaves out trade information and does not share known references, its actions cause design enthusiasts, interior designers and readers to assume the responsibility to find out the makers on a project. This is AD’s responsibility. As designers and fabricators, this causes a loss of revenue and our intellectual property to disappear. Shame on AD. The trades work hard at making these homes beautiful and supporting the design and architectural community.

Several of our sconces, outdoor lighting and chandeliers are featured throughout the home. Many of the lighting elements that appear in the feature* (and every other video blog and media source that picked up the videos) were retained by interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard for the remodel. He continually collaborates with ADG Lighting, and we thank him for his efforts.

These creative and quality designs by ADG Lighting add an elegance and style to Kourtney’s amazing home. Watch the video below.

Thanks 20/twenty for recognizing the contribution by our ADG artisans and re-editing the video in an artistic and tasteful manner.

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*Previous homeowner was Keyshawn Johnson. The previous designer on the home was Camille Forte. For additional current and past resources, contact 20/twenty publishing.