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When is an imperfect fit Perfect?

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We are posting these photos and notes with a special thanks to the Client who understood that imperfection was perfection and that rails and iron in an estate like this would not be perfectly plum and that the lights may be slightly out of skew while other light and decorative iron elements are crisp and concise. This is an Estate that all should take notice of and applaud the architectural team ~ home owners and inspirational individuals, Thank you for letting Architectural Detail Group’s made to order division and participate.
Private Residence Shady Canyon Architect: Forrest Studios, Bob White Interior Designer D. Kruse Contractor: Pacific Design Estates Project time: Lighting 1 year planning and fabrication Iron – fast tracked 3 months Concept to Completion Hot forged Wrought Iron custom designs and finishing made to feel like a 500 year old Italianate estate; Lighting was an eclectic mix of new and old. Home was just completed after 3 year of construction and planning.